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Corporate & NGO Donor Testimonials


Priya Das Malik

The word "Amcha Ghar" sounds so warm and homely and that's what exactly Mr.MRS. AGATHA SUSHEELA DIAS & MR. ANTHONY DIAS has been giving to the children whom they have treated as their own. A loving home, education and guidance that's what is been imparted at Amcha Ghar.


Charles C Michael

Amcha Ghar , means MY HOME , and that’s what I exactly felt when I entered the 1st time in Amcha Ghar. I thank Amcha Ghar for helping me put my stepping stone in Mumbai and being supportive in my journey thought-out all these years.


Sunita Sharma

"Creating A Better Tomorrow" the slogan of Amcha Ghar is perfectly defines all about it. It,s like another home or a family. I'm very fortune to be a part of this organisation and get an opportunity to serve the others in different ways. 


Dr. Pratibha Tirmare

I'm glad to be connected with the Amcha Ghar Organization & Susheela ji. Amcha Ghar is the best avenue for growing girls to explore their potential to support self & society at large.

Individual Donor Testimonials

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