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In the year 1995, when Ms. Agatha Susheela, founder (doing an internship then) returned from her Christmas holidays, she was informed by the seniors to collect a detailed report about a case of sexual abuse that had occurred in her zone during her absence. While she was investigating the whole case, a question was raised somewhere deep inside the bottom of her heart, “Susheela you work for 8 hours a day and you go back home in a safe environment but what happens to these girls at night, who do not have a safe living situation?” After speaking with the mother of the victim, Mrs. Agatha was heartbroken. To her surprise, the mother had been aware of the abuse and did not speak up once, afraid that the Uncle otherwise would not support their family. It was heartbreaking even to listen to it and very disheartening to believe. This story completely changed Ms. Agatha Susheela’s mission in life. She was young and full of zeal to serve the society hence, she took it as a challenge to do something for these girls and left her job. She started her research on how to save these innocent angels from the street and these evil men.




On the 14th of April, 1996, in a village named Uttan in the city of Bhayander (W), a committed team of social workers, attorneys, doctors, and well-wishers joined Mr. and Mrs. Dias to give birth to Amcha Ghar. Initially, providing a home to three girls, it has now grown to a place that caters up to 25 girls and is still growing. They have rehabilitated many girls back into society by providing them assistance for higher education, and jobs at reputed companies.

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