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We, as Amcha Ghar NGO are proud to share some of our success stories. Examples like these prove that our methodology is working and that we are able to make a difference for the children. (The names in these case stories have been changed from the original documents).


Orphan child

Tanya is an orphan child. She lost her mother due to HIV at age of three. Tanya’s mother was a commercial sex worker, she was illiterate and lost her husband at a very early age. After all the mishaps in her life, she wanted to educate her daughter and protect her from living a life like hers’. Hence, she approached Amcha Ghar NGO in the hope that her daughter would get all the basic necessities as well as education. Tanya was only three years old when she came to Amcha Ghar in the year 2000. She was very calm, quiet and innocent during her childhood. She completed her schooling at our own Amcha Ghar English School and Junior College. The little girl grew up with love, care and in a family atmosphere at Amcha Ghar NGO.


She loved and was loved by all. She was very studious, always a 1st rank holder and respected her elders and younger siblings.This little girl has spent over 17 years of her beautiful life at our premises. In the year 2012, she scored 82.55% in her SSC Board exams, and later in 2014 scored 71% in her HSC (Commerce). At present day, Tanya has completed her graduation in B.Sc. in Hotel Management & Tourism Studies, securing 78% in it. She is very ambitious and wants to pursue post graduation from a leading university abroad; we are still searching for ways to assist her.


Apart from her studies, she is very hard working and has always been helping others with their studies. She is very fond of cooking and often assisted dad (Mr. Anthony Dias) in it. Her journey at Amcha Ghar from 3 to 19 years has been admirable and gives a proud feeling to us all. Opinion & Observation: Tanya is very intelligent, hard-working, ambitious, helpful and a well-mannered girl. With proper guidance and support, she’ll do wonders in her life! Kindly assist us in accomplishing her goals.

contact us if you wish to help her!


Orphan child

Jaya was 4 years old when she and her sister Sushma went to Amcha Ghar. They lost their father at a very young age. Both sisters used to live with their mother, who was illiterate and they lived on the streets. She worked very hard to earn money as a housemaid but was not able to satisfy the needs of both daughters. She got infected with tuberculosis and decided to hand over both daughters to Amcha Ghar NGO in Mumbai with the help of CWC to provide shelter, food, and education.


Both sisters grew up in the Amcha Ghar home with loving, caring and sharing. Jaya has now completed her graduation in hotel management & tourism studies and Sushma has completed HSC (Commerce). The journey for both sisters was very hard and not without obstacles, but they are happy and proud to be a part of Amcha Ghar because of all the love and help they received.


Opinion & Observation: Jaya is a very intelligent and emotional girl, helpful and well behaved. Please


contact us if you wish to help her!

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