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An Art Of Life

It’s easier it is to give a speech about life, the more difficult it is to live, especially when you have to struggle every single day for survival. Happiness and choices are not available in the dictionary of everyone's life. On other hand, we can say that it’s an art to live with respect and dignity, happiness and choices. Most of the time we have seen, the task is tough enough for elders but children can do it very gently.

Besides all above, Nowadays, to live alive is a big challenge for everyone. This pandemic is killing people not only by physical illness but also with mental illness. Few people are like never failure, and have become the most serious patient of depression. They can’t accept the falling as the next high jump. There are many things in our day-to-day life where we can learn in spite of being depressed. We don’t have to go anywhere outside, lessons and solutions are all around us. We need to identify, accept and follow in our lives.

The children of Amcha Ghar, an orphan, have proven the perfect example of beautiful life. They have turned the disaster into opportunity in this lock down. All are continuing their online academic classes and supporting home activities during leisure periods. Apart from that, they have become more creative and enthusiastic and use their every single second as an artist, An artist of beautiful life.

If we have a true and strong desire to do something, we can find a sure way to do it. Success will never knock our door if we keep on dreaming about it. To become the happiest and successful, have the strong will and childishness. So, we can finally say, Let’s learn the art of life, change your lifestyle, think positive, Nothing is impossible.

There is a will, there will always be a way.

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